Appointment Setting Service

Our agents will filter through your leads to qualify them based on your target customer profile. Let us handle the time consuming process of calling through your leads and identifying potential buyers. Currently, our clients using this service come from a variety of markets including: real estate agents, healthcare providers, tech sales, and construction companies. Regardless of what industry you are in, we can save you both time and the headache of lead qualifying.\

CCI steps up to the plate with a cost effective solution including developing a script to ensure that your brand, product, or service is consistently represented in all interactions. Our appointment setters are trained to effectively fill your schedule with qualified potential customers so that you have a consistent flow of sales to close. They are trained to identify the decision-maker, get you through the door, and figuratively sit on the couch drinking lemonade, ready to close a deal. We make sure to provide detailed notes for all appointments so you can hit the ground running.